Information about ordering our products.

From our website you cannot order Layout Fluid or any Beechem/Kelley Labs products at this time …..

We are working on this!

To place any orders, please call us at (231) 861 – 6257

or fax us at (231) 861-6458 

You may also email orders or questions to us at:

If you need a printed price list…just ‘drag’ the picture price sheets to your desktop.

Then just print the pictures!   Pretty darn easy!  

We enjoy all orders, even very small ones.

Being in business for over 76 years, we truly realize that pennies add up to dollars. 

Don’t be afraid to order one bottle!

We manufacture and bottle all of our products here in Shelby MI  49455.

The bottles are made in the USA as are the daubers, and caps.

We appreciate your business!

Please buy USA made products!