Beechem Layout Fluid and related products - since 1939

Developed by Henry Beechem in St. Johns, Michigan, to meet the high level of quality demanded by dedicated craftsmen.

Manufactured in Shelby,Michigan, since 1985 by Kelley Laboratories, Inc.

Now in our second generation and we love making Beechem products!

Beechem Layout Fluid is Better than Dykem!!!

Adheres tenaciously to all metals        Dries quickly      Pleasant odor             No glare - easy on the eyes    Better coverage - efficient use        

No waste - does not form a precipitate      Will not chip or crack                Resistant to water, oils, cutting oils     Not affected by high humidity

Works great for color coding for small parts            Beechem is used in making chain saws, engines, tractors, automobiles, even nuclear power plants!

Beechem Remover

Quickly removes Layout Fluid with no odor, packaged in gallons and squirt top bottles.

High-Low  (Die spotting anti-rust paste)

Non drying and non-flammable.          

Easily removed with cold water with or without detergent.

Will not rust steel or iron - ever!

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