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Dozen 1.5 oz High Low in a squirt bottle.

Dozen 1.5 oz High Low in a squirt bottle.

Our Price: $129.85

Product Code: DOZEN-HIGH-LOW-1.5OZ.


If you want less than 12 call us at: 1-231-861-6257
Fax us: 1 231 861 6458

High Low is a Die Spotting Blue.

It is much, much better than Prussian Blue!

It is for truing and locating high spots in dies, gears, flat surfaces, etc......

Virtually non drying, also is a Rust Preventative, Non Staining, Non Etching, is Water Soluble, Withstands 500 degrees F.

Our customers asked us to develop a better Die Spotting Blue.....so we did!
They wanted something that can be used on hot molds in Aluminum casting, and could be used on tire molds at elevated temperatures.

Something with a very intense color so that it can be applied in a very thin coat thus avoiding blurred or fuzzy transfers.

Something that can be used in forming dies at high temperatures.

Something that is water-soluble so it can be readily washed off your hands with cool water and be removed from the working area without a great mess.

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